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How does it work?

Connect your Dream Machine

Open the Dream Machine app and wait for it to connect. Once connected, if it's your first time, the app will download all available sessions (this may take a few minutes).

Choose your session

Once your sessions are booked, all you have to do is choose from a wide range of experiences of different durations and objectives: relaxation, creativity, energy...

Close your eyes

Sit comfortably in front of the Dream Machine, about 1 meter away. Once in place, click play and close your eyes to begin your journey...

Free application available on iOS and Android

Discover over 40 different sessions to relax, boost your energy, enhance your creativity and much more... We're adding new stuff all the time ✨

Vary the pleasures between short sessions and multi-day programs designed to improve your sleep or support you in your meditative practice over time!

Our Dreamers tell you about their experience:






Experience the Dream Machine

From your home

From your office

In the heart of nature

To start or end the day, wake up or relax... Your at-home decompression chamber to refocus on yourself.

Need a break? Need to regain energy and focus? Install your Dream Machine in your office to boost your productivity.

Want to take your emotional and sensory experience even further? Set off on an adventure and increase your sensations tenfold by using the Dream Machine outdoors.

Frequently asked questions

The Dream Machine is a vessel for the exploration of consciousness, powered by innovative photostimulation technology. Where years of meditation are required to reach certain states of consciousness, here a simple press of a button takes you on this introspective journey.

Depending on the session you have selected, the Dream Machine generates a customized sequence of light flashes. These flashes, perceived through your closed eyelids, are filtered to gently but evenly stimulate your retina. Each session includes phases of stable rhythm, encouraging the emergence of the photic driving phenomenon.

This ingenious process acts as a beacon for your brain, inviting it to synchronize harmoniously with the light rhythm. In so doing, you are guided into altered states of consciousness.

94% of our users have reported the perception of hallucinatory geometric shapes, while 89% have been transported by an explosion of colors generated by their own brains.

Our practices are firmly rooted in rigorous scientific studies, which served as the basis for the design of our technology. They have guided the development of our solution and ensured the protection of our innovation through patent registration.

Discover the Dream Machine in Video

To start your journey with the Dream Machine, first switch it on and open the corresponding application. Wait a moment while the device connects. If this is your first use, the application will automatically download all available sessions. This may take a few minutes, but you'll only need to do it once.

Once you've downloaded the sessions, you'll have a wide range of experiences at your disposal, with different objectives and durations: relaxation, creativity, energy, and much more. Choose your session.

Then position yourself comfortably in front of the Dream Machine, keeping a distance of approximately one meter. When you feel ready, press "play", close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the journey...

To guide you through this experience, a QR code is included in the manual, redirecting you to a video instruction manual. The video is divided into 16 chapters to facilitate set-up and guarantee a successful first experience. To access it, click on the following link:
Video tutorial

There are currently over forty sessions available, ranging in length from 3 to 70 minutes. And we're adding more all the time!

The Dream Machine experience is intensified to an intensely immersive level when coupled with music! Many Dream Machine sessions are harmoniously combined with musical compositions, some specially created by talented artists to complement the experience. Other sessions benefit from hypnotic audio accompaniments that we've meticulously crafted. For the remaining sessions, we offer you the freedom to select your favorite tracks, allowing you to further personalize your sensory journey.

The Dream Machine offers a variety of sessions designed to meet different needs: relaxation, stimulation, rest, creativity and much more... In addition, it offers multi-day programs designed to improve your sleep or enrich your meditation practice.

However, the main aim of the Dream Machine is to guide your brain towards new biological rhythms. It works by inducing variations in rhythms, thus exploiting natural neurophysiological phenomena.

For example, during a standard waking state, *beta* waves are generally more dominant. If you want to relax, the Dream Machine helps your brain to modulate the activity of *alpha* waves, either by slowing down their rhythm, or by reinforcing their existing activity. This allows you to instantly reach a state of tranquility and serenity, centered on yourself.

The Dream Machine experience varies considerably from person to person. There are two main types of visuals:

1/Kaleidoscopicand fractalhallucinationsthat seem to superimpose themselves on your field of vision, resembling an internal mental image rather than a concrete visual perception. These hallucinations do not occur in all sessions, but are most common in the "exploration" category of sessions. These hallucinations are not a criterion of effectiveness; some sessions pursue other objectives. They can be intensified by increasing the brightness and removing the porthole.

2/Oneiric visionsOncethe first veil of fractal visuals has been crossed, a reverie may arise, similar to a stream of thoughts that takes a particular turn. In deep relaxation, these images, thoughts and understandings can transport you far into an extraordinary experience, opening the doors to your unconscious.

Each of these experiences is unique and varies from one individual to another. We recommend repeated sessions to learn how to navigate further and further into your thoughts.

94%ofour users perceived geometrical shapes, while89%wereamazed by an explosion of colors.
89%ofusers reported a feeling of well-being, feeling calmer, more serene and in a better mood immediately after a session.
40%ofusers experienced synchronicity, a sense of well-being, a sense of well-being, a sense of well-being, a sense of well-being.ofusers experienced synesthesia, discovering new internal and bodily sensations.
Finally,10% ofusers had mystical experiences, acquiring new perspectives on themselves and the world.

To find out more, please visit:The Benefits

Using the Dream Machine gives rise to visions of geometric shapes and colors. These effects emerge because of a certain stable rhythm established in our cerebral vision areas. These areas are structured like electrical circuits, and when stimulated at a particular frequency by the Dream Machine, they respond by creating these shapes and colors.

The researchers also found that the Dream Machine can influence our thinking abilities. By adjusting the rhythm of the light, we can help our brains achieve states of intense concentration or boundless creativity.

There is also evidence that the technique used by the Dream Machine could have medical benefits. It could help assess the risk of certain diabetic eye diseases, help classify psychiatric disorders or even slow the development of Alzheimer's disease.(This is research work, currently, Dream Machine is not a medical device).

For more details, see : The science behind Dream Machine

And if you're curious about the studies that support this, here are a few:

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By "semi-psychedelic", we mean an experience that is deeper and more immersive than traditional meditation, but less intense and radical than the use of psychedelic substances. The Dream Machine has been designed to generate safe and accessible altered states of consciousness, without the risks and uncertainties associated with the use of psychedelic substances.

The benefits of such an approach are manifold: first and foremost, the ability to explore one's own mind in a safe, controlled environment. Users report experiences of deep relaxation, daydreaming, kaleidoscopic geometric visions, and new perspectives on their thoughts and feelings.

What's more, this semi-psychedelic method is completely legal, without the risks of long-term side-effects associated with the use of substances. It's an accessible and controlled gateway to the exploration of consciousness, offering an innovative approach for those who wish to go further than traditional meditation, but are not ready or do not wish to venture into the world of psychedelic substances.

Yes, to use the Dream Machine you need the Dream Machine app on an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

The Dream Machine app is available free of charge on the iOS and Android stores.

The application is currently available in two languages: French and English.

No subscription or additional purchase fees are required.

Regular updates are made to add new sessions and enhance your experience.

The experience works best on the latest operating systems.(For Android, version 9 or higher is required).

The Dream Machine is accessible to all, with the exception of those suffering from neurological disorders, particularly epilepsy, or psychiatric disorders. As a precautionary measure, we also recommend that pregnant women and children refrain from using the Dream Machine, given the potential risk of undetected neurological disorders. If you have any doubts or concerns, please consult a healthcare professional before using our product.

Warranty included

2-year warranty included, exchange your Dream Machine if there are any factory errors.

Fast delivery

Delivery in 5-8 days for almost anywhere in the world!

Support team at your service

We are here to support you on your journey! Feel free to reach out with any questions.