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Explore your Consciousness

The first hypnosis machine

Explore your consciousness

The first hypnosis machineDiscover

Disconnect from the outside world

In a world that is always going faster, it is sometimes difficult to disconnect, to take time for yourself, to refocus on your feelings and emotions. While this practice is essential for your inner well-being, shutting off thoughts and external stimuli seems like an impossible exercise...

The creation of a powerful tool to open the doors to your inner world...

Photostimulation & Hypnosis Technology
Photostimulation & Hypnosis Technology

Thanks to a luminous flicker, the Dream Machine will act as a metronome for your brain, and very quickly it will synchronize its cerebral electrical activity with the rhythm induced by the Dream Machine. This action will then plunge you into a modified state of consciousness, a state of hypnosis in which your thoughts gradually disappear to give way to feeling and contemplation.

Visual & Sensory Hallucinations
Visual & Sensory Hallucinations

Your inner journey is accompanied by a unique visual and sensory spectacle, it's almost magical... Your brain becomes the director of breathtaking images by interpreting the light stimulation sent by the Dream Machine. You then plunge into the heart of an inner world in motion, filled with vibrant colors and complex geometric shapes created by your brain... A fascinating experience that will not leave you indifferent.


Feel the benefits of years of meditation in an instant.

Better sleep

Improve your sleep quality and fall asleep effortlessly

Stress Reduction

Enjoy a serene and calm quotient.


Entertain yourself in a unique way and experience extraordinary moments.

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Two-year warranty.


Delivery in 2-3 days for France


Reimbursement and returns free of charge from France.