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Welcome to the light revolutionDiscover

Come home to the peaceful sanctuary within, guided by lights; a paradigm shift in meditation and holistic wellness, now at an accessible price.

Enjoy holistic well-being from the comfort of your own home

In today's fast-paced world, inner peace is a commodity. It can be difficult to quitet your mind, to take time for yourself, to refocus on your sensations and emotions. While this practice is essential for your inner well-being, turning off your thoughts and external stimuli may seem like an impossible exercise...

Our vision is a world where people take time to Dream - to go inside, integrate experiences, recalibrate their nervous systems and expand their consciousness.

That's why we created the Dream Machine - an enjoyable way to let go of stress and worries and journey within.

Unlock your inner world with an innovative and powerful tool...

Photostimulation: the key to transformation
Photostimulation: the key to transformation

Our patented technology is based on photostimulation, a phenomenon long confined to neuroscience laboratories. The Dream Machine, a simple lamp, emits light frequencies that stimulate your optic nerve, then your brain. It's a sophisticated dance of light and consciousness. This process serves as a guide for your brain, bringing it into harmonious synchronization with the rhythm of light, and thus, altered states of consciousness.

Semi-psychedelic: Visual & Sensory Hallucinations
Semi-psychedelic: Visual & Sensory Hallucinations

Your inner journey with the Dream Machine is accompanied by a unique visual and sensory spectacle - it's almost magical... Your brain creates neuroart, interpreting the light stimuli sent by the Dream Machine. You dive into a kalidescopic inner world, filled with vibrant colors and complex geometric shapes created by your brain... A fascinating experience that is unique every single time.


Feel the benefits of years of meditation in an instant.

Better sleep

Improve the quality of your sleep and fall asleep effortlessly

Stress Reduction

Enjoy feeling calm and serene. Reduce you reactivity and reset your nervous system.

Mood and Mindset

Improve your mood and enjoy a sense of wonder and overall well-being.

What the science says...

"Photostimulation gives rise to truly unexpected and powerful perceptual effects and conscious experiences that are somehow unrelated to our surroundings. It's just white light, and yet people see colors and shapes. There's something about experiencing the power of your own mind and brain to generate an experience that is truly transformational."

Prof. Anil Seth
Professor of Neuroscience, University of Sussex

"Our research has revealed that stroboscopic stimulation can lead to subjectively striking changes."

Dr Chris Timmerman
Imperial College of London

"There's still a lot to discover about consciousness and the brain, but I'm convinced that strobe light could be a powerful and safe way to explore consciousness. "

Dr Robin Carhart-Harris
Research Fellow in Neuroscience, Imperial College of London. Director of Neuroscape's Psychedelics Division, University of California, San Francisco.
Wellness on demand
Wellness on demand

Whether you're looking for serenity, intense concentration or overflowing creativity, the Dream Machine will take you there.
Just choose from over 40 experiences, with new sessions released regularly. Many of the sessions have music that synchronizes for an even deeper experience.It's the future of well-being, and it's within your reach.

Operate the Dream Machine with the app!
Operate the Dream Machine with the app!

Your phone is the key that unlocks the Dream Machine's full potential! Simply connect your phone to the Dream Machine via Bluetooth and your journey begins.
Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, you'll have access to a rich library of sessions, including varied symphonies of light. You can choose to listen to the music simultaneously or choose your own. You can also change the brightness of the lamp either before or during the session. With your phone as your navigation companion, you can open the doors of perception.

Warranty included

2-year warranty included, exchange your Dream Machine if there are any factory errors.

Fast delivery

Delivery in 5-8 days for almost anywhere in the world!

Support team at your service

We are here to support you on your journey! Feel free to reach out with any questions.