Dream Machine Technology

"Explore your unconscious territories"

The DREAM MACHINE is a vessel to explore your consciousness.

What is the DREAM MACHINE?

DREAM MACHINE technology will accompany you in an inner exploration beyond the usual limits.

It will allow you to easily accompany your mind to various altered states of consciousness, which will range from simple states of relaxation or deep meditations to psychedelic experiences worthy of shamanic rituals ...

It will be easy, intuitive and certainly indescribable.

Breathtaking power and access to the extraordinary

You will not benefit from a simple technology, but will participate in a revolution!

A breakthrough technology with the first generation of well-being technologies. No training, no effort is necessary.

Introspection has never been so easy.

Take control of your psyche. From your app, you will be just one click away from the start of a fantastic experience ...

Perceptions beyond words!

From your interior space you will contemplate unspeakable dreamlike visions and access unexplored areas of consciousness.

Elevate yourself. Get to know yourself. Live the extraordinary.

Listening to yourself, meditation and observing our different conditioning are fundamentals of our inner evolution that no object can replace!

But the DREAM MACHINE revolutionizes our approach to the mind through its ability to easily and quickly induce states of consciousness that sometimes require years of disciplined practice.

In this sense, it is a guide and a powerful shortcut for those who wish to refine their sensitivity, their perceptions and / or get out of omnipresent stress! We invite you to personalize your experience: meditation, sleep, creativity, inner exploration, lucid dreams, self-hypnosis, shamanic experience ...


DREAM MACHINE technology is based on brain phenomena that have been studied for many years. After a substantial research and development phase, DREAM MACHINE is now accessible, complete and safe to use.


Depending on your intention, the light movements of the DREAM MACHINE will guide your brain to a state of relaxation, concentration, sleep, creativity or inner exploration. The light influences the neuroelectrical activity of our brain and acts as a metronome for the mind for the duration of the experience. You will be able to safely explore states of consciousness hitherto reserved for advanced practitioners.


The various trips offered by the DREAM MACHINE are graduated in 3 levels which will allow you to control the intensity of your experience. The optical hallucinations produced by the brain under the influence of light create an immersion similar to those of powerful psychedelics. You will witness spectacular visual effects!


Live the experience with your eyes closed in front of the DREAM MACHINE. Strobe sequences stimulate the optic nerves with closed eyes. The signal is transmitted to the visual cortex.


You won't have to make any effort. As in a dream or a meditative practice, there is nothing to be successful or to miss. You just have to let yourself be guided to a state of full presence.


Brain electrical activity naturally synchronizes with the rhythms of light and little by little the brain is invited to align with the intention offered by the chosen session.

A very beautiful experience, a flood of colors and geometric shapes in movement giving me the impression of flying, and after a feeling of lightness that lasted a good hour.

– Anne

It was a wonderful experience where I quickly had visual 3D hallucinations. I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of the effect. Thank you again for this great trip!

– Fatma

For me I quickly had a lot of colors, very psychedelic, mandala style, I melted into it, I had the impression of being in an exotic cocktail with Curaçao for a while, full of colors that changed in the rhythm of frequencies. Body level, I had to take the time to feel my feet on the ground ... I no longer felt my body, with the feeling of being a snowflake ... Also, I saw myself on the last day of my life and where I told myself that there was no need to be afraid, that it was useless, it's as if then I was really trying to die but there was no fear, just love ...

– Cedric

It was a great experience! Short but intense! I have seen intense colors overlapping or crisscrossing each other very quickly. And I felt a feeling of well-being like a kind of spiritual ecstasy. And at one point, I saw like a universe of colors slowly spinning on itself, like another galaxy that was before my eyes. It made me think of a dream I had long enough ago that I had forgotten the colors which were also very intense but which I could not catch or visualize clearly.

– Mali

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