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The Dream Machine in Light

Discover the Dream Machine from a new angle with this collection of videos. From artistic short films to in-depth interviews, each clip is a window onto the unique experience our product offers. Explore the stories of those who have been touched by the Dream Machine and learn more about how it can influence your daily life.

Damien Maya - Relax at the touch of a button

Damien Maya - 6 people immersed in hypnosis thanks to the DREAM MACHINE

Lilou Macé - Interview with Kevin

Damien Maya - These lamps change your state of consciousness!

Objects of the future

The Short Film

" Every night, Jules and Julia meet in their dreams. One day, Jules suddenly stops dreaming and decides to buy a Dream Machine to find Julia... A whole new world opens up for the two characters. "

By Timothée Gutmann, available on VOD on OCS.

Podcast - Be Lively

Podcast - Unaware!

Listen to the Podcast
Interview with Brice

Listen to the podcast
Interview with Brice

It could be you...

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