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Dream Machine ouvre ses portes à la vente 1 fois par mois, pendant 24h, avec un stock très limité...

How it works ?

Connect your Dream Machine

Open the Dream Machine app then wait for it to connect, once connected, if it's your first time, the app will download all sessions (this may take a few minutes).

Choose your session

Once the sessions are loaded, all you have to do is choose from a wide range of experiences of different durations and objectives: Relaxation, Creativity, Energy...

Close your eyes

Sit comfortably in front of the Dream Machine, about 1 meter away. Once you're ready, click play and close your eyes to begin your journey...

App available on Apple and Android

Discover more than 20 different sessions to relax, boost, rest, be more creative and much more...

But also multi-day programs aimed at improving your sleep or even supporting you in your meditation practice!

Discover the experiences of those who have tried it





Live the Dream Machine experience

From home

From your office

In nature

To start or end the day, wake up or relax... Your decompression chamber at home to refocus on yourself.

Need a break? Regain energy, focus? Install your Dream Machine in your office to increase your productivity.

A desire to push the emotional and sensory experience even further? Go on an adventure and increase your sensations by using the Dream Machine outdoors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
La machine à explorer

J'ai découvert des voyages extraordinaires avec la Dream Machine. Des voyages hors du temps qui nous plonge dans d'autres dimensions, haut en couleur et en sensation. Merci pour cette machine, merci de nous permettre de découvrir notre inconscient.

Richard Guilhaumon

Le genre d'invention qui change une vie...
Juste parfois une interrogation sur la meilleure manière de régler l'intensité de la lumière...
Merci pour tout...

Frequently Asked Questions

The experience is extremely immersive with music! Some of the Dream Machine sessions are associated with music, others with hypnotic audio accompaniments, and for the others, we let you choose your favorite music.

As with the sun, we avoid looking directly at it. even if the Dream Machine is much less luminous than the sun.
If you open your eyes during an experiment, the light intensity will just be very disturbing.
The Dream Machine experience is lived with your eyes closed, and what is certain is that the eyelids protect the eye very well from strong light intensity.

During the reading of a session, you can adjust the brightness via a slider which will help you find the most comfortable setting. Everyone has their own sensitivity, just like the choice of volume when listening to a song.

Your brain naturally has rhythmic electrical activity.
The Dream Machine accompanies your brain to new biological rhythms.
The Dream Machine induces rhythm variations, so these are natural neuro-physiological phenomena.

For example, in an ordinary waking state, beta waves are naturally more present. If you are looking to soothe yourself, the Dream Machine will cause your brain to slow down or potentiate existing alpha wave activity to instantly find a calm, serene, and centered state.


Two-year warranty.


Delivery in 2-3 days for France


Reimbursement and returns free of charge from France.