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The benefits of the Dream machine

Stimulate altered states of consciousness:

Through photo-stimulation, the Dream Machine facilitates access to altered states of consciousness such as intense relaxation, advanced meditation, deep introspection or experiences similar to psychedelic trips. The Dream Machine is described as "semi-psychedelic".

Reduce stress and promote relaxation:

The power of the Dream Machine lies in its ability to instantly switch off thoughts and induce a state of deep relaxation, helping to reduce stress and better manage emotions.

Optimize sleep and rest:

By creating conditions conducive to intense relaxation, the Dream Machine can improve sleep quality and make it easier to fall asleep. Feedback from users even suggests a positive impact on their dreams.

Improve concentration and cognitive performance:

The Dream Machine can stimulate concentration and mental clarity, and boost cognitive performance, promoting problem-solving and decision-making.

Elevate mood and state of mind:

The Dream Machine has the potential to improve overall mood and induce a sense of well-being. Many people report "feeling better" after a Dream Machine session.

Encourage deep meditation:

The Dream Machine serves as a tool to facilitate entry into deeper, more advanced meditative states.

Reduce anxiety:

The Dream Machine can help alleviate anxiety and associated symptoms such as muscle tension, palpitations and negative thoughts.

Stimulate creativity:

An increase in creativity when using the Dream Machine is perceived with certain sessions, including a more vivid perception of colors, shapes and increased artistic inspiration.

Promote emotional balance:

The Dream Machine can help stabilize emotions, promote a more adaptive response to stressful situations and contribute to greater emotional coherence.

Increase body awareness:

The Dream Machine can help develop a better connection between body and mind, and promote greater sensitivity to physical sensations.

Facilitate inner exploration:

The Dream Machine can facilitate introspection, self-exploration and greater self-understanding.

Beyond its immediate impact, regular, daily use of the Dream Machine reveals benefits that are felt over the long term. Many users report increased overall well-being, improved ability to remember their dreams, and even the spontaneous emergence of lucid dreams. In general, use of the Dream Machine promotes a more stable mood and well-being.

These long-term benefits are similar to those obtained through regular, assiduous meditation practice.

After interviewing over 800 users with several months' experience of the Dream Machine, the vast majority confirmed the exceptional nature of this technology. Their stories converge on one striking reality: the experience offered by photostimulation has no parallel in their daily lives. It's a unique and unprecedented journey into the unknown, one that stimulates deep and fundamental questions about existence and the meaning of life.

For some, this adventure doesn't stop at simply discovering new and unexplored sensations, or the benefits mentioned above. It takes them even further, to the encounter with their inner selves, to the threshold of life's big questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Where do we belong? Far from being a simple relaxation or wellness enhancement tool, photostimulation becomes a gateway to a profound exploration of the self and the universe.

It's important to stress that every experience is unique and deeply personal, and while we do our utmost to guide our users on this journey, it's ultimately up to each individual to navigate these uncharted waters on their own terms. Our mission is simply to provide the tools necessary for this exploration, listening to the stories and feedback of our users, to continue to improve and refine our approach.

The kaleidoscopic experience of the Dream Machine is fascinating in itself, but the appeal of this technology doesn't stop there. Our many users also use the Dream Machine to modify their brain activity beyond the visual areas, opening the doors to perception...

94 %

Users were able to perceive geometric shapes and 89% were dazzled by an explosion of color.

89 % 

Users have experienced a sense of well-being, feeling calmer, more serene and in a better mood immediately after a session.

40 %

Users experience synesthesia, discovering new inner movements and body sensations.

10 %

Users have had mystical experiences, gaining new insights into themselves and the world.

** Tests carried out on a sample of 800 users

Warranty included

2-year warranty included, exchange your Dream Machine if there are any factory errors.

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