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Photostimulation: Brain Illumination

The Dream Machine generates a sequence of light flashes, each carefully programmed according to the session selected.

Through your closed eyelids, these light stimuli are filtered, providing a gentle but rhythmic activation of your retina. Each session includes phases in which the rhythm of the flashes remains stable, enabling the photic piloting phenomenon to be established.

This ingenious process acts as a guide for your brain, bringing it into harmonious synchronization with the light rhythm, and thus into altered states of consciousness.

Photic Piloting: Luminous Brain Harmony

The rhythmic activation of the retina induced by the Dream Machine is relayed to the primary visual areas of the brain, via the optic chiasma and lateral geniculate bodies. 

There's no need to dwell on the technical details of this transmission to understand the impressive effect the Dream Machine has on our brains. 

Indeed, once the frequency of the light stimulation reaches the primary visual areas, these begin to resonate in unison with the Dream Machine, like a musician synchronizing with his metronome.

1. Stroboscopic stimulation

2. Photic piloting

3. Stable dynamics of the brain's primary visual areas

4. Propagation

This captivating effect occurs at rhythms ranging from a few oscillations per second (corresponding to the brain's delta rhythm) to several dozen cycles per second (gamma rhythms). This phenomenon, known as "photic driving" (or neuronal entrainment), seems to vary from one individual to another and to evolve over time.

94 %

Users perceive hallucinatory geometric shapes

89 %

Users were transported by an explosion of color created by their brains

10 +

Rigorous scientific studies form the foundation of our technology. They have guided us in the development of our solution and enabled us to protect our innovation through patent registration.

Stable Dynamics for an Immersive Visual Experience

Photic control guides visual areas towards adaptation. Depending on the frequency of stimulation, specific neuronal activity dynamics are set up and maintained throughout the program. These "steady states" are at the root of the unique visual experience enjoyed by the Dream Machine user. This experience encompasses shapes, colors and movements that correspond to the specific Dream Machine sessions.

Experiences can be more intense in certain stimulation ranges, a phenomenon that mathematical models have helped to understand. This is where the expertise of the Dream Machine team comes into play. By meticulously designing sessions, we manipulate different frequencies to optimize your experience, drawing on our in-depth knowledge in this field.

The kaleidoscopic experience of the Dream Machine is fascinating in itself, but the appeal of this technology doesn't stop there. Many people use the Dream Machine to enhance their brain activity beyond the visual areas, opening the doors to a new world of inner exploration.

A Journey beyond the Visual Zones

The brain, that incredible biological machine, is the dynamic center of rhythmic electrical activities that are fundamental to all our actions, from perception to realization. Even after over a century of dedicated research, these rhythms continue to fascinate neuroscientists.

Certain characteristics of these rhythms have, however, been clearly established. For example, a correlation has been found between the alpha rhythm and attention (Foxe & Snyder, 2011), while the gamma rhythm is associated with cognitive operations, particularly those linked to associative processes (Herrmann et al., 2010). These rhythms, which have their own endogenous causes, vary according to the individual's state of consciousness. A well-known example is sleep, where slower rhythms are observed.

Due to its structure, intense activity in a specific region of the brain tends to propagate throughout the entire organ (Baars, 2017). This phenomenon is particularly visible with stroboscopic stimulation (Tsoneva et al., 2021). Activity propagates back and forth, from occipital areas to the front of the brain, influencing the rhythmic activity of those regions involved in high-level cognitive functions, such as reasoning, memory, creativity and self-regulation.

Exploring the Potential of the Dream Machine

Photostimulation is not just a window onto the complex neural activity taking place in our brains. It is also a tool with far-reaching implications, opening up new perspectives in many areas of our daily well-being and mental health.

Stroboscopic stimulation has proved remarkably effective in improving various facets of our mental lives. It has been shown to stimulate creativity, notably by improving verbal fluency, the ability to rapidly produce ideas and words (Huang & Charyton, 2008). Think of the Dream Machine as a tool to unleash your creative potential, find innovative solutions to your challenges or simply enrich your artistic and leisure activities.

What's more, this technology has also proven its effectiveness in stress and pain management, offering a non-invasive alternative for achieving a state of tranquility and comfort. It has also been shown to have a preventive role in migraine headaches for certain individuals, offering relief to those affected by this debilitating condition.

But the possibilities of strobe technology don't stop there. Promising studies suggest that its use could have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease. This technology could potentially mitigate the effects of this disease, offering new hope to patients and their families (He et al., 2021).

In addition, it could play a significant role in the treatment of depression, a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Research shows that stroboscopic stimulation could have antidepressant effects, offering a new avenue for the treatment of this complex and often debilitating condition (Kim et al., 2016).

In this ever-evolving world of neurotechnology, stroboscopic technology presents itself as a promising and versatile tool, opening up new possibilities for improving our well-being and mental health. This exciting research is just the beginning of a journey towards a better understanding of our brains and their incredible potential.

We've taken this stroboscopic technology, once confined to research laboratories, and made it accessible to everyone. With the Dream Machine, we put the cutting edge of neuroscience technology in your hands, enabling you to discover and explore the fascinating depths of your own mind. 

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