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How does it work?

Person/Vehicle Detection

Connect your Dream Machine

Open the Dream Machine app and wait for it to connect. Once connected, if it's your first time, the app will download all sessions (this may take a few minutes).

2K 4MP Super HD

Choose your session

Once the sessions are loaded, all you have to do is choose from a wide range of experiences of different lengths and objectives: Relaxation, Creativity, Energy...

2K 4MP Super HD

Close your eyes

Sit comfortably in front of the Dream Machine, about 1 meter away. Once you're ready, click play and close your eyes to begin your journey...

A Brand You Can Trust

Awaken your full potential...

Person/Vehicle Detection


The Dream Machine enables anyone new to mindfulness to achieve the same state and Theta brainwaves as expert meditators.

2K 4MP Super HD

Better Sleep

Photo-stimulation synchronizes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems for deeper, more restorative sleep.

Person/Vehicle Detection

Mood and Mindset

Studies are beginning to show the benefits of photo-stimulation on symptoms such as anxiety and depression. After a session, you'll feel particularly serene and calm.

2K 4MP Super HD

Stress Reduction

The absence of thoughts and pressures on your mind and body allows them to enter deep states of relaxation, releasing accumulated stress.

They experienced something difficult to describe...

Application available on

Apple and Android

+20 Dream Machine sessions

Discover over 20 different sessions to relax, boost, rest, be more creative and much more...

Multi-day programs

multi-day programs to improve your sleep or support your meditation practice!

Steadfast & Reliable

Experience the Dream Machine

From the comfort of your sofa

Want The Whole Place Visible?

To start or end the day, wake up or relax... Your at-home decompression chamber to refocus on yourself.

From your office

Secure Your Home At Any Time

Need a break? Need to regain energy and focus? Install your Dream Machine in your office to boost your productivity.

In the heart of nature

Catch them in the act

Want to take your emotional and sensory experience even further? Set off on an adventure and increase your sensations tenfold by using the Dream Machine outdoors.

Dream Machine story:

frequently asked questions

Is there any music to accompany the sessions?

The experience is extremely immersive with music! Some Dream Machine sessions feature music, others hypnotic audio accompaniment, and for the rest, we let you choose your favorite tunes.

Is it dangerous to open our eyes before the end of the session?

As with the sun, we avoid looking directly at it, even though the Dream Machine is far less luminous than the sun.

If you open your eyes during an experiment, the light intensity will just be very annoying.

The Dream Machine experience is enjoyed with the eyes closed, and one thing's for sure: the eyelids protect the eye very well from strong light intensity.

How do I know how much power to set the Dream Machine to?

While a session is playing, you can adjust the brightness via a slider to help you find the most comfortable setting. To each his own sensitivity, just like the choice of volume when listening to a song.

What happens physically in my brain during the experiment?

Your brain naturally has a rhythmic electrical activity.

The Dream Machine guides your brain towards new biological rhythms.

The Dream Machine induces variations in rhythm, so these are natural neuro-physiological phenomena.

For example, in an ordinary waking state, beta waves are naturally more present. If you're looking to calm down, the Dream Machine will lead your brain to slow down or potentiate existing alpha wave activity to instantly find a calm, serene and centered state.

Warranty included

2-year warranty included, exchange your Dream Machine if there are any factory errors.

Fast delivery

Delivery in 5-8 days for almost anywhere in the world!

Support team at your service

We are here to support you on your journey! Feel free to reach out with any questions.